Monday, May 11, 2009

Long Time No See

I'm sorry that posts here have been so infrequent. There are a dwindling number of Arch photos in the inventory and I haven't had time to shoot there in weeks. Finally got by last Saturday.

Another problem is finding a fresh approach. Thousands of snaps over the last few years, a hundred and something posted here and on
St. Louis Daily Photo Blog and what's new to say? Photographic technique offers options. The original of this image, shot from Eads Bridge, looked pretty mundane. With a little Photoshop razzmatazz, there's something worth looking at.


Olivier said...

elle montre le chemin vers le ciel...superbe

Virginia said...

Mundane my foot! It's a great shot with or without the razzamatazz! Love the clouds.

Snapper said...

I would have to agree with Virginia, nothing mundane about this fine image. And no need to apologize, ever. We love your work, whenever it arrives.

Bob Crowe said...

Since two of you have mentioned it, I should note that I didn't mean that this image is mundane. I think it's pretty good. What I meant was that the original shot wouldn't get your attention. This is an HDR blending three shots. The correctly metered color original was bland but mix in two more at +2 and -2 stops, click a bunch of buttons and sliders on the computer and here we are.