Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peek Over The Wall

A more traditional, if that's the right word, HDR, with slightly garish color and big tonal contrast. I have mixed feelings about these in color. They are eye-catching but loud. There's a black and white version of this photo on Flickr here. You can see which you prefer.

The bad thing about shooting the Arch from the new overlook in Illinois are the eight damnable high voltage lines that run right through the middle of your picture. In many of the previous photos from this location I have Photoshopped them out. It's a slow, tedious process. I decided to leave then alone this time.


Olivier said...

grandiose (dommage les fils électriques) cet effet HDR sur cet skyline

PJ said...

This is great. Are you allowed to fly over around and under the arch? I imagine you need a special dispensation for that.

meretnature said...

bonsoir je ne suis pas assez connaisseuse pour juger cette photo j'ai été voir la noir et blanc et je l'aime beaucoup , bonne soirée