Friday, December 25, 2009


Gateway has been moribund for four months. Good intentions but not enough time. The new plan is to post images that have appeared in the Thursday Arch Series on St. Louis Daily Photo and any other images I come up with. They don't need to be new Arch pictures; they just need to celebrate the monument. So Gateway is back with levels on levels of arches.


Paula said...

I think this is sublimely witty. I'm glad to see you back posting here.

Crescendo said...

Beautiful shot and good idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this evening! I found your blog a while back & have visited several times - Your photos are very nice, btw!
My grandparents had an old projector & used to show me slides of the Arch being built - I loved watching them, too, that was so much fun! I wonder what happened to those?!

Valkocompany said...

I dislike a junk food

Nathalie said...

Oh dear this is SOOOOO over the top!
The humour in your shot is blatant,I love it.

The blue sky with white dot clouds, green grass, bright red takeway boxes, the parody is brilliant.