Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Below Red

A company called LifePixel will convert DLSRs to an infrared sensor for a reasonable price. I had them do my old Canon 10D, which was in storage. I'm having a hard time learing to use it but this is an IR picture of the Arch that turned out well.

Something really nice happened yesterday. Washington University in St. Louis has a newish art gallery, the Kemper Museum. A special exhibit opening on January 30 is about Eero Saarinen, the designer of our own Gateway Arch and architect of many other important buildings. One of the curators emailed me, asking if they could use some of the text from the sidebar in this blog in the exhibit's printed materials and link to my blog in the in its web page once the show opens. Uh, yeah, I think that's okay. Everybody loves recognition.


Olivier said...

elle est toute seule perdue dans les nuages

Virginia said...

Beautiful shot. I'll be honest. I don't notice anything different, you'll have to educate my eye in your spare time abouat this IR thing. I can't keep up with you Bob Crowe! And bravo on the Kemper Musuem exhibit!