Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Warped Sense Of Scale

There are a lot of tricks the Arch plays on our eyes. For example, most people find it hard to believe that it is exactly as wide as it it tall. In this photo, it looks like the family taking pictures gives us a sense of scale. But the Arch is so tall and, viewed from the side, it recedes more and more sharply as it goes up, that we really can't gague what we're looking at. One of its many wiles.

By the way, there is another new Arch photo today on my St. Louis Daily Photo Blog.


Olivier said...

"Soldats, du haut de ces pyramides, quarante siècles vous contemplent." Napoléon. Cette photo me fait penser a une pyramide d'acier.

"Soldiers, from the top of these pyramids, forty centuries you contemplate." Napoleon. This photo makes me think of a pyramid of steel.

Virginia said...

Olivier is waxing poetic on our blogs today. I love it when he does!

Now Bob, surely you don't expect me to believe it's as WIDE as it is TaLL. I'm not one to doubt the " Arch Man", but really. I will need some proof when you have time.

Snapper said...

Another confirmation of the genius of the design.