Thursday, March 26, 2009


This photo of the Arch was taken three and a half years ago, around the time my obsession began. Compare it to today's picture on St. Louis Daily Photo, shot earlier this month. This shows the reflection of the afternoon sun streaming down the plates of the north leg. There is some simplicity and purity that I've lost in recent pictures of the monument. Let us know what you think.


Virginia said...

I'm going with the pure and simple. THis is amazing. I love seeing "her" up close (or is it a "he"?). I want to reach out and run my hand on those plates. Good one B.

PJ said...

Once upon a time I took welding lessons and I've done some construction work, have been around a lot of welders. I would love to hear some stories about what it was like to build The Arch. I guess I'll have to go to your resources in the sidebar and do some more reading.