Thursday, April 2, 2009

Low Rider

I think I used this photo on my St. Louis Daily Photo Blog way back when. It didn't get a lot of response but I like it a lot. People will pose for you if you are polite and friendly. Love his eyes and low rider jeans.


PJ said...

It's such a perfectly composed photo and he could be doing, or getting ready to do, anything. Cool shot for sure. And kind of unusual for you since you don't often include people in your Arch photos.

Snapper said...

I remember this shot very well from your St. Louis blog and like PJ, I like it very much. It's a brilliant portrait really and I can't understand why it didn't get more attention. But then, that happens to me all the time at GDP - images that I think are some of my best often get virtually no response. Go figure. In the end one has to trust one's instincts and yours are spot on here. It's a great picture and when you do your show, I hope this one's in the running. Cheers!