Monday, November 17, 2008

Curves Of Different Density

A beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, a lovely sky and a polarizing filter. What else could a photographer want? Well,the Arch, Photoshop and a MacBook. That's good, too.


Olivier said...

une course entre les nuages et l'arche.

a race between clouds and the ark.

PJ said...

I could say this is your best yet but I've thought that before and there's more to come so why would I ever say never? It is wonderfully painterly and the small contrail inside the arch, I suppose it COULD be synchronicitous...

When I see your work with The Arch I'm reminded that God gives each of us gifts and we know they're our gifts because on a certain level they're effortless. I think this is your gift that you were fated to live and work near it and that one day people will look back on your work and be astonished.