Thursday, November 27, 2008

Non-Euclidian Geometry

It's about curved surfaces in three dimension, their edges and their position in space. Plus it looks kind of cool.


Olivier said...

un bateau Viking.
a Viking boat.

Virginia said...

Very cool and now I am looking to see how it looks like Olivier's viking boat. Maybe it does1

U "R" Us said...

Very cool how you got the detail of the kind of imperfect looking welded edge in focus here.

PJ said...

First it's up close and personal and then it just sling-shots away. Archie looks so completely transformed that if I didn't know what I was looking at I wouldn't know what to think. Remarkable.

Ms. Hays said...

Niiice shot!
My grand-parents had a video of the arch being built & I remember watching it on a projector when I was little.
I really love your photos of the arch, they are truly awesome!!!