Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Skinny

Shot while lying on my back directly under the apex on a blazing summer day. The Arch has a little of the monolith from 2001 in this image.


Olivier said...

toujours aussi gracieuse, on dirait une tige d'une fleur.
always so gracious, they would say a stem of a flower.

Snapper said...

Greetings Bob. This Gateway blog is an excellent idea. So glad to have all these images in one spot. This one is particularly brilliant. Clarion publishers would be a good candidate for your book of these outstanding photographs. Cheers!

Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.) said...

Hello, Bob

I no longer have the Arch in sight during the early morning as I did when I lived in East Carondelet, Illinois--my home is now in southern California. But I agree that the blog is a worthwhile endeavor and has brought me back home for a great visit.